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Introducing Topical Community Hours!

In order to better structure our community hours, and increase participation, we’ve decided that each month there will be a new topic to discuss at our community hours. This might be a new feature, a demo, or just something we want to show you and get feedback on. You can still bring your questions and ideas, as always, but we thought we’d kickstart the communication with a topic. We’ll cover the topic at each of the three monthly community hours, so pick what works best for you!

Keep an eye out here and on social media for each month’s topic!

Upcoming topics:


Lagoon CLI - we’ll show some of the cool things the Lagoon CLI has to offer.


Lagoonizing your site - we’ll demo getting your app to run in Lagoon


Using advanced tasks in Lagoon


Lagoon Scaffolding

See the full 2023 schedule here:

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