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Already Hacked - Security Environment of the System

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My system hacked by power (reference video)

How to secure your system ( The mainly )

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Spring Boot Security (source code )

  1. Create User entity to store user information
  2. Store the User in our database
  3. Link our User with User Details Interface a. Link user with User Details interface b. Link User repository with User Details Service Interface
  4. Integrate Database Auth in our configuration

Linking with Spring Security

UserDetails (interface) <--- UserDetailsService(interface)

Authentication - Create User Entity

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I have a Spring MVC. DO I need JWT to!?

  • If your application provided business logic and all the necessary UI.
  • And you just have one application being deployed(war/jar)
  • And if this is all your customer needs
  • Then you do not need JWT. Form based security will work just fine.

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