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Javascript: Get days & starting day in month

Each month in calendar will have max 28, 29, 30 and 31 days.

We can get using native JS date.

let days = new Date(2022, 8, 0).getDate();
> 31 // days in August
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First day in each month can start from any day.

let startingDay = new Date(2022, 8).getDay();
> 4 // represents Thursday
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For more date utils, you can refer: DateUtils

Also, follow for updates:

Top comments (2)

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

A point to add is new Date() will take the browser time zone

urstrulyvishwak profile image
Kurapati Mahesh

True. We can have location based timezone support as well natively.

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