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Share your latest website or app design

urielbitton profile image Uriel Bitton ・1 min read

I've been quite active designing modern app and web designs as well as UI designs. I wanted to see what the dev community has to offer regarding visual designs.

So share a link, screenshot or whatever of your latest/nicest design in the comments, and let's get inspired from each other!

Mine is this landing web page
Alt Text

link: Altitude App


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I redesigned my portfolio yesterday 🤷‍♂️


sweet man i lvoe the minimalist design and animations!


That is hilarious 😂😂


haha i'm sure it takes notmore than 30 seconds to share a link :)


Not a full blown website just a smooth landing page animation here: swoosh-landing-page.vercel.app/

Also, here's a link of my incomplete portfolio: saranshbarua.vision

Wow! Now that I think about it, I never completed anything


I have amazing work here, I use cough WordPress for my portfolio(hosted on D.O) and Ghost for my blog hosted at home!
The links below will soon be accessible on yggdrasil too ;)

Homepage: n4vn33t.com
Portfolio: hire.n4vn33t.com
Blog: blog.n4vn33t.com


My first ever webdesign went live yesterday :) fokos21.hu


Nice web design thanks for sharing!


Been making online coding courses that run code in the browser with WASM. classroom.qvault.com

It's been hard to decide when to focus on the app itself and wen to focus on course material



Website for my fiancee. Figma + Vue + Firebase. Everything is home-cooked including the gallery plugin :)


Nice man! And congrats :)


Shameless plug mode ENGAGE!
Finished a 6 month redesign of my portfolio site, and it's finally live 🎉