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5 cool resources for designers

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Whether you're a web developer or software developer or any kind of designer more often than not you will need some designing tools and resources that lie outside of code.

Here's my pick of 5 cool resources designers can use to greatly enhance their projects.

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1. Behance

Behance is a photo and illustrations sharing platform that host infinite stunningly beautiful designs for your inspiration.

Website: www.behance.net

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2. Let's Enhance

Let's enhance is a powerful AI that increases image resolution without quality loss.

Website: https://letsenhance.io/

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CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient is a convenient and customizable gradient generator that helps you create beautiful gradients in a photoshop style. It automatically geenrates the css code for you!

Website: https://cssgradient.io/

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Unsplash is the best completely free stock image website, that boasts only high resolution and professional images for that sophisticated look to add to your website.

Website: www.unsplash.com

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TinyJPG is an image compression tool online that reduces your image size greatly while keeping the quality intact. It is super useful for using images on website so they don't slow down the site.

Website: www.tinyjpg.com

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Bonus: Clippy CSS

Clippy is a css clip-path tool online that you can use to easily create any shape for your elements in css.

Website: www.bennettfeely.com/clippy

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Hi i'm an avid web and app developer in search for creativity and always going after new ideas. Developer of Reactor JS


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I recently made an app that lets you discover tools like these. It gathers many tools and inspiration platforms in one place for designers. You might want to check it out: ToolDeck


Hi Ozan,

I checked out your app and it looks really great - I signed up :)

One quick note - I see that "Description" is spelled wrong when you click on each tool. You have it as "Descripcion". Just a heads-up, cheers!


Fixed the typo. Thanks for the heads up, I have no idea how did I miss it for so long :D


Nice man I definitely will! Thx


Since I know many designers (myself included) use Macs, there's a free and open source app called ImageOptim that allows you to do what TinyPNG/TinyJPG does on your local machine. It's very lightweight and a bit more convenient. It also installs a helper to your context menu so you can just right-click file(s) and select "ImageOptimize".



sweet, is there a windows version?


AFAIK there isn't, but they do have a handy list of alternatives for Linux and Windows here: imageoptim.com/versions