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Do you know great Test Case/Suite tools (things like TestRail)?

We're currently using TestRail to manage a somewhat large suite of manual and semi-automated tests, but we're not really happy with it.

We sometimes remove test-cases, and it seems to only allow you to remove a test from a suite by also removing it from all previous test runs, so the history is gone...

Things we just miss from TestRail are a way to integrate our semi-automatic tests in some way (e.g. automated setup via a script by clicking a button in the test tool), and having a history of changes for a test-case.

Do you use some great test case tool or have another awesome way to deal with non-automated tests?
Is it TestRail and we've just not really figured it out yet?

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We use TM4J (Test Management for Jira) from Adaptavist. Maybe give this a go.