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The perfect way to check programming language documentation

Have you ever come across a problem where you forget the syntax of programming language? Whether you are learning a new language or you are experienced this often happens to everyone.
This happens a lot with me I am pretty bad with remembering syntax so I have to get back and forth through google search to search the syntax.
And recently I discovered this website called "" and it made my work a lot easier. I just have this site opened in the background and it's easy to refer to whenever I am Coding or doing my CodeChef Practice.

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Let me explain in detail what this site does. is the site that contains documentation of all the programming languages its a combination of language cheatsheet and Documentation. covers almost 100+ Languages and Libraries.
The documentation contains folders based on various topics and each topic has various concepts in a language, so it is easy to navigate.

Currently, I am learning C++. I have been always using Python and I find C++ difficult. But this time I have to overcome it.

And is been really helping me a lot to check the syntaxes.

I highly recommend you try this site and add it to your bookmark or save it as an app.


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