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Christmas holidays with PVS-Studio

Christmas holidays are the most beloved and cherished ones all over the world. Gifts, decorations, family and friends all gathered together — these are the essentials of Christmas and New Year's buzz. Our team was also caught up in this. In the eve of the Christmas holidays, we have prepared various treats and gifts for you. Continue reading to find out which ones!

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The quiz: Save Christmas from bugs

Based on the feedback we got after releasing previous quizzes, we can safely say that our audience likes this format. That's why we decided to make a Christmas special for you.

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When there are Christmas lovers, there are also Christmas haters. And they'd love to spoil all these celebrations. In our case, these haters are bugs. We prepared 8 stories for you — each of them tells about bugs that plotted against well-known companies. Help us find bugs disguised in these cases, figure out what they did and what havoc they caused. Christmas mishaps, treacherous bugs, terrifying (and not) consequences, and, of course, gifts — they are waiting for you in our Christmas quiz. Well, are you ready? Let's save the holidays!

The game: Endless coding

Have you ever thought that your work day is like a video game? Deadlines, coffee breaks, bugs — you can find them all in "Endless coding".

Avoid obstacles like technical debt, bugs, burning deadlines, etc. Catch buffs in bubbles — cups of coffee, donuts, pay raise and promotion, or help from PVS-Studio. Looks just like an ordinary work day, doesn't it?

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Take the highest place in the leaderboard and prove your team leader that you're not playing games here😊!

Players who score the highest points will get a nice bonus in the end!

New Year's survey

Time doesn't wait for anyone — 2023 came in the blink of an eye. In order to keep up with the times, the PVS-Studio team decided to get to know our newcomers as well as have a chat with our regulars. We want to get better for our users and we want to know what matters the most for you. So, tell us about this — take a survey. We appreciate any feedback.

A gift will be waiting for you at the end of it.

Thank you for being with us all these years. After all, we enhance and develop our tool for you.

Happy holidays! See you in 2023! ✨

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