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25 Days Of Media Magic - The Ambitious Sprint

unicodeveloper profile image Prosper Otemuyiwa Updated on ・2 min read

I’m a big fan of outsourcing development efforts so as to gain time to focus on the core business logic. As a leader of developer communities and fervent developer advocate, I’m constantly on the lookout for opportunities to communicate the importance of leveraging reliable and fast third-party services in your app development.

A couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that I could show the world on Twitter tips and tricks that could be applied to media assets (images and videos) through Cloudinary. Subsequently, I dedicated each of the first 25 days in December to present Cloudinary’s many features through the hashtag #25DaysOfMediaMagic. It was a worthwhile and gratifying effort.

Below is a full recap:

Day 1: Image Optimization With q_auto and f_auto

Day 2: Automatic Video Transcoding

Day 3: Dynamically Distorting Images

Day 4: Re-creation of Google Photos Color Pop

Day 5: Cropping of Content-Aware Video

Day 6: Cartoonification of Photos

Day 7: Subtitles, Video Captioning, and Live Streaming

Day 8: Creation of Animated GIFs

Day 9: Duotone Filter

Day 10: Creation of Displacement Maps With Images

Day 11: Removal and Rotation of Image Background

Day 12: Video Transparency

Day 13: Low-Quality Image Placeholders for Lazy Loading

Day 14: Resizing and Delivery of Media Assets

Day 15: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming of Videos

Day 16: Image and Video Watermarking

Day 17: Responsive Images

Day 18: Generation of Video Previews

Day 19: Flipping of Videos

Day 20: Custom Engravings on Products

Day 21: Generation of an Old-Image Look

Day 22: Color Replacement in Photos

Day 23: Digital Asset Management

Day 24: Widgets for Product Gallery

Day 25: Advanced Facial-Attribute Detection With Image Overlay

The Haitians have a popular proverb:

Dèyè mòn gen mon

..which means:

Beyond mountains there are mountains. In other words, as you solve a problem, other problems pop up.

In software engineering, challenges surface all the time and there are always problems to be solved. The smart thing to do is to get the mundane tasks out of the way so that you can focus on the core of your business. Cloudinary is a reliable, full-stack platform that efficiently and effectively performs all your media-related tasks. Do check it out.

Furthermore, feel free to make this post your reference guide on media manipulation & transformation.

Your Turn

If you found any of the tips from the 25 days useful or resonating, feel free to like & RT on Twitter. Hey Reader!, I also want to know your best tip in the comment section.

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Prosper Otemuyiwa Author

Thank you. Which tip did you find useful?

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Moses Gathuku

I have been having issues resizing images in my (blog)[], I will explore cloudinary for resizing maybe.

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Prosper Otemuyiwa Author

Awesome. Let me know how it goes!

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Daniel Walter

I am using cloudinary in my next app

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Prosper Otemuyiwa Author

Let me know how it goes. And hit me up if you need any help.

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unicodeveloper profile image
Prosper Otemuyiwa Author

Thank you. Did you try out any tip?