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3 Steps to turn on your Google Search Dark Mode

Hello 👋, my gorgeous friends on the internet 🙌,

Did you know that Google now has the option for Dark Mode ?

No qualms if you don't know, because in this article I will be explaining how you can easily switch from the Light Mode 👇

frame_generic_light (53).png

  • To the Dark Mode 👇

frame_generic_light (54).png

Kindly note that, not all Google users are eligible for this feature yet.

Let's Ride 🏇

1. On the Google Result page, locate and click the Settings Cog 👇


2. From the dropdown, you should see the Dark Theme set to off, click the option to turn the Dark theme on 👇


3. Now you can enjoy the Google Dark Mode while Googling answers to those bugs 👇.


You can toggle the option to turn on the Light Mode.


Happy Googling in Dark Mode

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See you in the next article. Bye Bye 🙋‍♂️


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