Well this is sudden...

unassuminglily profile image Lily ・1 min read

I realised if I didn't go back to practising code daily, I'd forget as I did last year.

What better way to get back to it than to commit myself to journaling daily here and doing a 30 days of code challenge. This was super spontaneous because I don't trust myself to start it any other day.

I did Day 1 on Hacker Rank- a simple hello world program. I looked for a random challenge and chickened out--I mean it was expert level and I only got the basics down again during the summer. In the days to come I hope I can follow through with my plan to do a mini-project daily.

I mean, school and my internship can come in the way but I've seen how determined I can be so I'm very hopeful and excited.

I'm not putting any tags on this but if you see this and want to stick around, you're welcome!


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