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Hello programmer today we will talk about leaving a comment in the language of C++ Duster! Before starting, it is considered necessary that we find out why we should use the comment. Remember that. Comments are divided into open and closed types!

In the C++ programming language, a footnote is written after the character"//". This symbol only applies to one-line comments. You can apply for several rows. To do this, you will need to apply "/ / " in each row.

For example::
// It was written for comment.
// The second line is written for comment.
cout < < < " Hello World;
In the C++ programming language, the operator can also be written as a footnote at the end.

For example::
cout < < < "Hello World"; / / This is a comment (output operator
Multi-line annotation in the C++ programming language.

Begins with multi-line comments / * and ends*/.

All text or operators that were /* between the written code */ ignored.

For example::
/ * As written for this comment
apply for multiple series

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