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Hey all it is been a while writing a post to
I am going to write a post about a filepyle a file downloader made using python by Advait Jadhav.
While writing this post the version of file pyle is 0.1.2.
It similar to scoop,wget,curl. But this can run in any OS that has python installed.
Now let's use it

  1. Clone the github repo.
    git clone

  2. Install the dependencies.
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    3.Install filepyle
    python install
    4.Now let's use filepyle
    filepyle --url <url/to/the/file> --path <path/where/files/will/be/downloaded>

Example of downloading python into downloads folder :-
filepyle -- --path ~/Downloads
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Advait Jadhav

thnx for ur efforts bud, very well explained!<3

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Umesh Adabala

My pleasure