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Solved: "Your browser is managed by your organization" - Linux

According to [ ] If you have Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS®, or Linux® devices that are no longer being used in your organization, you might decide to repurpose and distribute them for personal use. Or, some users might purchase a second-hand Windows or macOS device, where Chrome Browser was previously managed by an administrator in a school, company, or other groups. If devices are not properly reset, Chrome Browser might still be managed by an administrator.

To remove this on Linux, in my own case I used Fedora 32 - navigate to /etc/opt/chrome/policies/ and delete the files inside the policies directory.

Aww! Wait a minute, you couldn't delete that, right? Yes, you can't use the conventional way of deleting files to do that.

Okay, for us to delete the files/folders, right-click inside the policies folder and select open in Terminal

Yes! You got it, now login as an administrator using

 sudo su
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and type in your password.

Wait, let's confirm you're in the right directory, type ls for us to be sure the files/folder we want to delete is actually what is listed or showing.

Confirmed! Okay now type

 rm -rf <file(s)_or_folder_name> 
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where rm -rf : Force deletion of current folder and sub folders in my own case it's rm -rf managed

OMG! It has deleted... wow

Now, let's open the Chrome browser, awesome! The "Your browser is managed by your organization" is no longer there.

You just did it!

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Athailah M Jamil

This only for temporary. After we restarted Fedora it show up again.