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GitHub Campus Experts Application Are Open !!

Who are Campus Experts ?

Campus Experts are student leaders that strive to build diverse and inclusive spaces to learn skills, share their experiences, and build projects together. They can be found across the globe leading in-person and online conferences, meetups, and hackathons, and maintaining open source projects.

Why You Should Join ?

As local leaders, Campus Experts know the challenges students on their campuses face. With the GitHub Campus Experts training, you’ll learn technical and professional skills—like public speaking, technical writing, community leadership, and software development—that will help you build a strong technical community, teach valuable skills, create new opportunities for your student community, and position your institution within a global community of student leaders.

The Process

1- Get the GitHub Student Developer Pack
2- Complete the application form
3- Submit a video resume
4- Welcome to the program!
5- Complete the training

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Validate your student status through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary formal education institution.
  • Be a GitHub user for at least six months.
  • Not be enrolled in the GitHub Campus Advisors Program.

Ready To Apply ?

Apply at GitHub Campus Experts Program

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