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Build a Python File Mover

Why should I try this mini task?

We are going to learn how to move many files using the magic of Python, taking advantage of iterations. This article explores a Python script that automatically moves all JPG files from your desktop to a new folder named "screenshots.".


  • Find your Desktop path: use pathlib to identify the location of your desktop folder. You can try any other folder in your computer!

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  • Create a folder in your desktop to save all files in it: Check if the folder exists on your desktop. If not, it creates it using mkdir(exist_ok=True). This ensures the script doesn't encounter errors if the folder already exists.

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  • Look for JPG files: Iterates through all files on your desktop using iterdir().. To move all JPG files, you need to look If a file ends with the ".JPG" extension.

for file_path in desktop_path.iterdir():
if file_path.suffix == ".JPG":

  • Move the files: Build a new path for the file within the new folder you just created. Finally, move the file to the new location using replace().

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Just to check out, you can use print() to get a list of all files moved in the process.

This script provides a basic solution for organizing your desktop. You can adapt it to handle different file types or modify the destination folder name based on your needs.

Thank you for reading!

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