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My Frontend Developer Plans and the Zuri Internship.

As a young Civil/Structural Engineer who is very conversant and handy with CAD softwares, I have always been interested about knowing how this software programs and application are built. Three months ago, my curiosity drove me to engage in studies related to programming. I wanted to know how the web apps worked too so I started taking free courses on Udemy, freecodecamp and then Scrimba. I developed the burning desire to become a full stack developer.

I recently got accepted into the HNG (8) internship from the Zuri Team for the Frontend development track. I must say that I am very excited about this journey.
I have heard alot of testimonies from so many young individuals about how the Zuri internship completely transformed their lives and how they eventually landed a good paying job.

Below are my goals and expectations of what I want to achieve in 8weeks with Zuri Team

✓ Improve on my existing skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
✓ I have never learnt a framework before, so I hope on learning a couple of frameworks like React, Bootstrap, Node.js and many more.
✓I have heard alot about Git and Github but I don't know my way around it. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to learn how to use this platforms.
✓ By the end of this internship I want to start working on building a CV/Resume builder. I know I would have gained the necessary skill sets that I need to achieve this.
✓ I am open to collaborating and also I would like to meet new people and expand my network.
I have decided to share a few links to help you start your own journey as a frontend developer.

Thanks for your time to read through.
To visit the Zuri team website, please click the link below.

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