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Still Haven't Beat the Tutorial

uixkinguin profile image UIXKinguin ・2 min read

Hey Everyone,
Kinguin here.

Its been a rough 2020 for a lot of folks. Including me. But to start anew I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself. I'm a new developer primarily focusing on UI/UX Design. I'm still having a lot of difficulty breaking into this world and any advice is appreciated.

In my personal life I love to watch and talk about anime as It's always been a hobby of mine since I was young. Everything from Gundams to Romance is fair game. I also enjoy skiing down snowy slopes and photography. If I wanted to sum up my interests in one word, it would have to be 'moments'.

There are moments in life that need to be captured, talked about, experienced and sometimes its almost impossible to replicate that. And that's why I've dedicated my professional life towards developing skills that will help me create moments of comfort in UX.

In terms of what I've worked on, it boils down primarily to passion projects and client projects.
Here is a short list of projects that I have worked on:

  • Penn State AMA Style Web App. This app was intended for specific use in large lecture settings and now can be flexed towards virtual learning as well.
  • Penn State Lost and Found Item Tracking App. This application was a consolidation of the original process of finding a lost item on campus.
  • Urban Outfitters Item Stock Tracking Mobile App. An application that was designed for internal use to help sales employees keep track of what was in stock and what was not.
  • Penn State Student Account Management Redesign. This application was a component of a large scale ID Account/Card management upgrade.

I appreciate learning new tools to help speed up my workflow along with browsing what other design trends are on the rise. My favorite design trend has to have been minimalism.

Although I have experience with coding itself in languages like HTML/CSS and Javascript, I tend to lean away from coding and lean more towards rapid fire wireframing and prototyping in development tools like Adobe XD, Invision Studio, and Figma.

I have a lot to learn in this vast expanse of the web and to be quite honest, it's daunting. I hope to learn many of the modern tools and platforms that developers use everyday so that I can slowly but surely grow as a developer/designer. I've recently learnt all about agile methodology, version control, and how varyingly different each company runs its development process. Expenses and realities... (yikes)

As I improve on this journey I hope to land a spot as an entry level or associates level UX Designer. The goal of Working together with the front end team to create something amazing and to create some social impact on the lives of the people that end up using the published product.

Newest Video on Adobe XD Plugins:

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