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We have some issues!

I bet you have interacted with the github as a developer. Most probably you have seen the different tabs on the repository page. github-tabs You can see in the image those tabs. Today we will look into the issues tab and try to understand what it does.
If you open a repository in your github account and move to the issues tab you can see a page like this:
github-issues-page Issues page is a kind of commenting system on the repository. Let's say you had your first job and you work in a company with 10 people on a project. One of your colleagues developed an about page for the project and he/she made a typo on the page. Luckily you have realized it before delivering the project to the client. You can create a new issue for it and describe the problem by clicking the new issue button.add-a-new-issue You can give a title and add the description of the issue with the markdown editor. Let's say you think having a few more features on the application will be very beneficial to the user. You would ask for these features on the issues page.adding-new-features This kind of description will create a progress bar on the issue itself. Whenever somebody creates that feature and checks the checkbox, progress bar of the issue will reflect the progress.
issue-progress You can assign somebody in the team for resolving the issue on the right panel by clicking the gear icon.issue-assignee You can also select labels for the issue to give some extra feedback to the project owner. You can select a label from the right panel again.
issue-labels To sum up, github issues are great way to enhance and maintain the project. And it is also a great opportunity join open source community and help them in any way. It even might be a fix to small typo. 😄

Being in contact with the community is always a good idea and a great way to grow as a modern developer. You can follow me and ask me anything on twitter about web development, HTML, CSS and React. I hope this will help you for your next project!

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