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Vimmatic - borwsing web pages with Vim-like key binds

Using a browser is a part of life these days. Most Vim users have wanted to navigate a browser by Vim-like key binds. Today, I will introduce a new browser extension, Vimmatic, which enables you to use your browser with Vim-like key binds.


Vimmatic supports both Firefox and Google Chrome. You can get Firefox add-on or Chrome Extensions from the following:

Note that the Firefox requires an permission to run add-on on certain page. To run the add-on on any pages, ensure that "Access your data for all websites" is enabled on permissions tab on add-on settings.

Quick start

Vimmatic provides Vim-like key binds. To scroll a page in the browser, press k, j, h and l keys. You can scroll to the top or the bottom of a page by gg and G.

To select a left and right of current tab, use K and J respectively. To close current tab, use d and to restore closed tabs, use u.

See also Keymaps on official document for more detailed of keymaps.

Follow mode

To open a link, press f to enter the follow mode to select a link. Then you can select links by alphabetic keys.

Screenshot of follow mode

Using command line

Vimmatic supports command line to run commands that control tabs and opens a tab. To open command line, press :.

To open a tab with URL, use open command as the following:

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or search keywords with search engine (such as Google) like:

:open How to use Vim
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You can see completed commands on Console commands.

Screenshot of command line

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