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DISCOVERING ZAP: An Interesting New Part Of The BLAST Ecosystem (Blockchain World)

With blockchain technology, we know how fast it has been and all the amazing ecosystems that have been built on it. All of these ecosystems tend to create and beautify a decentralized world. Now, ranging from layer 1 ecosystem Ethereum, which we are calling the father of all blockchain ecosystems, to layer 2 ecosystems.

This article will brief you on layer 2 ecosystems and introduce you to ZAP, a project on layer 2 ecosystems.

Layer2 Ecosystems
The overwhelming load on the layer 1 ecosystem led to the breakthrough of layer 2 ecosystems such as Optimum,Polygon, and Blast, etc.

This intervention of layer 2 has made the decentralized world:

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Faster Transaction
  • Lower fees
  • Increased Scalability

ZAP On Blast

Blast is a layer 2 ecosystem, the only Ethereum L2 with a native yield for ETH and stablecoins.

The baseline interest rate on existing L2s is 0%, so by default, the value of your assets depreciates over time. but on Blast, your balance compounds automatically and earns Blast rewards on top.

Blast is an EVM-compatible, optimistic rollup that raises the baseline yield for users and developers without changing the experience crypto natives expect.

I know its quite complex; that's where ZAP comes in.

ZAP is not concerned with your skill level—only your desire to learn. The project is guaranteeing there's something for everyone, unlike the source ecosystem, where it seems only developers and SMEs benefit.

ZAP is a community-driven token launch protocol built to alleviate current problems in the token launch space and provide value to both founders and investors.

ZAP's Plan
Token launch platforms face challenges in four categories:

Token-gated launchpads require high capital

Lottery-based launchpads rely on chance

Permissionless launchpads lack controls,

Airdrops can be manipulated.

These issues affect democratization, fair allocation, risk exposure, and value accrual in early-stage investing.

With the introduction of the Blast chain, the token launch market is growing. Now, long-term participation in the ecosystem is encouraged by the network's native yield, which unlocks additional value.

ZAP combines the powerful features of Blast with a set of new raise mechanisms to provide more value to founders and investors and democratize early-stage investing.

It goes beyond the limits that the Layer 1 ecosystem has not been able to overcome over time.

This indeed tells us that in no time, with the fast pace of advancement in technology and the blockchain, we will be very close to a complete decentralized world with a fair economy.

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