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re: According to Chris Lattner in a blog post Swift was originally called Shiny ✨

There was already language called SwiftLang, it was owned by Elizabeth Rather's company Forth Inc. as a proprietary means of programming firmware.

Elizabeth is something of a modern Ada Lovelace in that the language was invented by Charles ( Chuck ) Moore, but she was the first programmer since she was co-developer. Something to do with telescopes here, I'm not sure what.

Forth was intended to be named Fourth, meaning it was one generation 'up' from the common 3rd generation view, with Assembly (or Assembler) being the lowest or 1st level. But one could only have 5 letters maximum at the time, so they dropped the 'u'.

The forth community vastly reduced after it was ANSI-fied, with many talented programmers now disillusioned with being constricted. It was said that ".. if you've seen one Forth, you've seen ... one Forth".

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