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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v6

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Andrei Navumau

Hi Alison,

It's my pleasure to see someone from Toronto here. I'm studying in Humber College at Web Development program.

I'm much like you - regretting, that I haven't chosen programming earlier, in high school in the '90s. Though I was always keen on math/coding. It took me 15 years after graduating from University international tourism management program, that I really-really enjoy coding more, than anything else in my life. So, now I'm back at school again and learning programming)))

You mentioned in your intro, that you were in charge of hosting events for tech people. I was thinking about visiting some of that kind. Can you, please, suggest where to start searching? Have a great time!

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Alison Gibbins

Hi Andrei - I'm currently working on a section of our website for Toronto tech listings. It should be up in the New Year. In the meantime, I find, eventbrite, Startup Here, and MaRS to all have great listings.