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Hover animate, Masonry mover, Side switch | Module Monday 47

tyrw profile image Tyler Warnock Originally published at guide.anymod.com ・2 min read

Everything below is open source

It's free to use on any website, web app, or anywhere else. There are hundreds more like these built & shared by developers on AnyMod.

Click a mod to see it along with its source code.

Animated masonry overlay

Welcome overlay that transitions to a masonry gallery. Add your own text and images.
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Alternating content sections

Pre-styled sections to tell your story.
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Hover social links

Adds a professional touch to your social links.
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Formatted content

Font, layout, and colors based on the Spatial theme by Templated.
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Refined image cards

Beautiful, responsive design with a suble zoom on hover.
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I post new mods from the community here every (Module) Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️

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