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Flip links, Bold form, Hero unit | Module Monday

tyrw profile image Tyler Warnock Originally published at guide.anymod.com ・2 min read

Open-source web modules for your next project

Everything below is open source and free to use on any website, web app, or anywhere else. There are hundreds more like these on Anymod.

Click a mod to see it along with its source code.

Dark flip links

Flips each card on hover to create an engaging set of links.
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Bold contact form

A vibrant block to make your contact form stand out.
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Hero unit

Classically good-looking hero unit to leave a great first impression.
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Icon link section

Simple, stylish, and informative.
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Learn more block

Create some intrigue and let visitors know what's what.
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I post new mods from the community here every (Module) Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️


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