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Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan

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Coding In Quarantine

No, I don't have coronavirus. In fact I'm the safest possible place (for now).

About a year back, my wife and I registered our details for FluCamp. Just after Christmas they gave me a call and asked if I wanted to participate in a preventative drug trial for Respiratory syncytial virus.

"Yummy", I said.

Fast forward two months and now I'm currently quarantined in Whitechapel, London. I've been in this room for the last four days, with ten more to go.

Not something I'd admit to my LinkedIn network exactly, but y'all seem cool.

I haven't told any of my clients, and have spent each day answering emails, building websites and growing my knowledge of javascript through online courses.

It's a bit weird being locked in a box - when was the last time you spent two weeks in one room? But stranger still is how reasonably smoothly everything still runs when cut off from the outside world.

Even so, turning on the TV each morning and seeing the latest #coronavirus news is a little scary. It seems to be really doing a number on the UK and I'm of course worried about my friends and family.

Anyway, just wanted to share. If anyone has any questions, feel free.

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