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DEV.TO is great, you wanna know why?

First, happy Monday to all around the world! I want to clarify that I am not part of, but an independent freelance developer and just recently started to write on The article reflects my personal opinion after 10 days on this awesome platform.

How did I come across DEV.TO?

First, I noticed the site particularly often in Google news. I liked some of the headlines and occasionally read some articles. I especially liked the clear and bright layout and the short logo with simple design. I like short brand names, logos and few colors. Perfect for capturing the content it's all about.

My motivation to write on DEV.TO

I like writing. But I also want to share my knowledge and of course build my status as a freelancer. Here are some of the things I like most about DEV.TO as a writer:

  • Clear interface without a lot of bells and whistles
  • Fast Markdown editor for posts
  • Easy to get started
  • Easy login via GitHub or any other platform
  • You get attention relatively fast
  • You can save several drafts

Maybe I will extend this list later..

My balance after 10 days:

  • 8 (test) articles written
  • 788 post views
  • 30 post reactions
  • 10-20 likes submitted
  • 5-10 comments written

I am going to share my Dashboard stats with you guys

DEV.TO Dashboard Screenshot

I am pretty satisfied with that for the start! I figured out that JavaScript seems to be a big topic here amongst some other things.

Where do I share the links to my articles?

To promote an article on DEV.TO, I share the link on LinkedIn, Twitter and That's enough to start with.

What will I write about in the future?

My best disciplines are Backend and Frontend Development in general, PHP, pure JavaScript, jQuery, Extbase (TYPO3), HTML, CSS, SASS, screen design, Bootstrap and more. I'm still in the testing phase right now, writing random articles. There will also be articles about the TYPO3 CMS.

If you have ideas for articles, post them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Conner Ow

I really like to write and I wrote some stuff. In my first month on, I got a hundred followers for some reason.

Well, welcome to the community! See ya 'round!

typo3freelancer profile image
Simon Köhler

Wow a hundred in a month is a lot. Thx

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