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Why should you attend tech conferences?

type404_ profile image Tisha ・2 min read

Why should you attend tech conferences especially if you're starting out in the tech sphere?
In a sentence, because they are fun and gets you high on sugar and you get to learn more in few hours than you ever could have and you get to meet some of the amazing people in the industry probably doing what you are aiming to do.

If you need more convincing continue reading about my experience at #DDDMelb2019.

Started the day with a wonderful talk by Josh Richards on his one way mission to Mars. The people selected for the mission had a range of very diverse background with variety of experiences. Really liked his message about how being diverse and having a variety of experiences makes one more adaptable, which means they would be helping people wherever they're.

The women who code Melbourne #applaudher panel discussion was again and uplifting talk which touched upon the topic of Impostor Syndrome and how it engulfs the best of us, and a pretty efficient way to deal with it is by giving yourself a pep talk like you would give your friend when they were going to do something they weren't comfortable about and ask what you want, you don't get what you don't ask for.

Also attended workshop on modern authentication, got to see a demo of how facial recognition works, learnt about how to share content on IoT devices using content as a service model, addressed one of the most important topic of an Ethical AI and how we can use fast.AI for our own ML models.

Ended the day with an inspiring talk about Aaron Powell on his journey from being afraid to be on stage and struggling to read to now have spoken on all DDD across Australia multiple times, it all started with a thought of let me give it a shot, how hard could it be.

And if you need more convincing which you really shouldn't, the after party was pretty amazing! :)

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