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5 JavaScript Projects You Should Consider To Build As A Frontend Dev.

tyaga001 profile image Ankur Tyagi Originally published at ・2 min read

Side projects are a great way to show your skills to land your first job as Front-end Developer.

5 JavaScript Projects You Should Consider To Build as a Frontend Dev.

1. Build a Tic-tac-toe game with Pure JavaScript

Building a game in a browser can be a great exercise to test your JavaScript skills. You will have to react to user events, interact with DOM, and store game data.

2. Build a Blog Template with HTML and CSS

When you just start learning front-end development it’s important to consolidate your knowledge about HTML and CSS. Building a Blog Template is a good idea for your first bigger project.

3. Location sharing with Pure JavaScript and Maps Service

A simple app where you can share location with your friend can be both a demanding project. In this project, you will use JavaScript to interact with external services for maps (ex. Google Maps or OpenStreetMap).

4. Build TV Series Tracker with JS Framework (React, Vue, Angular or other)

This project will help every TV Series fan, track premieres new episodes. It will be a great opportunity to use a JavaScript framework you are comfortable with.

5. Home Budget App with JS Framework (React, Vue, Angular or other)

Creating a home budget App will be an ultimate check for your skills as a Junior Front-end Developer. It will check your ability to create forms and store information, but it can also help you save money!

Remember, you don’t have to mimic the above examples 1-to-1.

Feel free to change, add or remove any detail you like.

If you have older projects you used for learning new skills you can always refactor them and put them in your portfolio.

Good Luck!

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Mark Okoh

Nice list of ideas. Sometimes hard to think of stuff to build.

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi Author

Thanks Mark

ash_bergs profile image

Love the purist approach - all the most meaningful learning based projects I've done have been in pure JS, CSS, etc. Getting all the smoke and mirrors out of the way is key! Great post.

tyaga001 profile image