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Discussion on: What Bootcamp did you attend and would you recommend it?

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Alex Reilly

I'm a graduate from Make School's Product College. It's a 2 year code school that kind of sits in between a 4 year University and a short term boot camp. If your friend is interested in having a lot of the same experiences of going to a university (living in dorms, in person classes), they may be interested in Make School.

It offered a wide bredth of classes with it's strongest ones being focused on CS concepts and iOS development while I was there, but I think it's more heavily diversified since. So students can decide to do iOS, web frontend/backend, Data science/ML, etc.

I graduated in one year without a degree and didn't have too much trouble finding a job. I had two back to back internships a few months after graduating. The first was as a programming instructor at Make School's summer camp in Beijing, and the second was doing iOS dev in the Bay Area which then turned into a full-time position.

Since I graduated, they started offering Bachelor's degrees for students that stick around for the full two years, so that might be a deciding factor. That said, not having a degree has only prevented a company from hiring me once, so I don't know how important it is unless you're looking to work outside your country of origin.

The payment structure is an ISA, just like someone down thread mentioned for Holburton. Make School's is 20% per month as long as you're making over 5k/mo. Otherwise you pay nothing.

I wouldn't do Make School if you're looking for a rapid career change, but for me it was a great overall experience. The community of students is especially fantastic. Every day I could wake up and walk around the dorms or the campus and there would be folks working on some app or startup or doing group interview prep. Everyone was out to help out everyone else. The school itself had some rough edges when I was attending, but I think they've fixed most of them since. Aside from a few hiccups (my iOS instructor was deported over the holiday break 😥), I felt the instruction was relatively good. Occasionally underprepared maybe, but instructors did a great job of putting lesson plans and whatnot online, so even when I was out with the flu for a couple weeks I was able to keep up.

During my internship, I felt I was far more prepared for the job than my peers. I also felt relatively well prepared for technical interviews. I don't think I was ever really caught off guard during the process.

TL;DR I'd recommend Make School if you're okay with a longer form code school