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Flutter has been gaining a lot more traction and even just browsing YouTube I am seeing videos of using Flutter create something a lot more.

I looked at it when it was still even newer and did a couple things with it. I liked how it tended to do things. I picked up dart in no time. Seems like a good language. I am also a C# developer. I see a lot of different influences from other languages in it.

To me a big thing to consider on frameworks is how easy it is to setup and get going. I got flutter up and going when I had never used it or Dart before in 10 minutes and had their hello world app going.
I followed the steps for React Native on Windows and had constant issues. Left a bad taste in my mouth. That might be unfair but I am a huge fan of a framework being really simple to setup and get going. It scares me away when something just doesn't work when following official documentation (I think a lot of JS based frameworks and libraries suffer from this).

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