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Do you know the project called Otomi?

Have you heard this awesome project called Otomi ( by Red Kubes (


The Installation is super easy (a simple Helm install), I have installed on top of a k3s (!

The most Awesome thing about Otomi is that it comes with all the goodies baked in!

Visit the following url to see all the Features:

Security Best Practices

Image description

A Complete Suite of Applications

Image description

Also the best thing is that everything is managed the GitOps Way! Literally any change is pushed to the management Gitea and are being deployed with Drone( of course you can integrate your favorite CD tool like ArgoCD or FluxCD!

Image description

Image description

I think it is Awesome, Check it out and tell in the comments if you like it !

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I would like to thank Clark Tibbs for designing the awesome photo I am using in my posts.

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