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re: I would tend to disagree. Anyone can be a developer but not everyone is a software engineer. With the distinction around the discipline. The soft...

So where do you draw the line between "coders" and "developers"?

I usually don't, unless its a medical transcription term (I work in healthcare). I think if I had to draw a venn diagram of the roles, a coder and a junior dev are the same. How one would identify doesn't really matter to me when I'd hire for that role. If a person said, "I'm a coder" and they applied for a more senior position, I'd also lean towards asking if they a mentor as well or where they see themselves. If they do more, they are more but they may be underselling themselves.

I see. In this case, this is merely a misunderstanding: What you call "developers" is what I call "coders" - because they aren't really deeply involved in the concept of what they "code".

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