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$$ Every Wrong I Did As A 'FAANG' Software Engineer Before 30; What About You?

Youtube: $$ Every Wrong I Did As A 'FAANG' Software Engineer Before 30

If you listen to Gary Vee, '30 is the new 20', all blood-pumping vibes; look forward, never stop the hustles lol.

However, I wish I could slap my 21-year-old self: calm down, go find the right internship, do leetcode. Nothing else matters!

(slapping myself now ... a lot other stuff do matter: relationship, physical/mental health...)

We are all in this tech bubble, maybe my stories are relatable - guess what, we all mess up. This video is a little retro of my personal failures, studying and working in the states. I wish I could have done better.

I'd love for you to watch the video, but here is the three points discussed:

  • I. Chasing After Others' Goals
  • II. Never Landed The Right Tech Internship
  • III. 'I Will Figure It Out Later'

Through the past 8 years, I've observed so many people's success in the tech industry, which humbled me deeply. I often joke about my mistakes - some were very personal - it makes me appreciate more the uncommon successes.

The internet is now full of breathtaking role models. To they raise my anxieties. I just hope my humbled stories (this video!)can take you for a laugh.


So here are the topics for discussion!

  • What did you do well or otherwise in the tech industry?
  • What would you do differently before your first job? or before college graduation?
  • Would you trade your time to grind leetcode?
  • Is there any offer that you regretted (joined or rejected)?
  • How can you be sure that Software Engineering is the right career path for you? Or is it just sunk cost so we've all been riding alone?

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