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Discussion on: Should a button communicate the current state, the intended behavior, or both?

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James Turner

What is interesting is that with Twitter, even as something as non-destructive as unfollowing someone, they prompt to confirm so even if you didn't understand the meaning of the button, you've got a second chance with a more complete description.

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Massimo Artizzu

That's no surprise, as Twitter focuses on maximizing engagement from its users.
They really don't want you to unfollow anyone. 🙈
They now even prompt you what the handles you follow like and follow themselves... Quite annoying. 🙄

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Neesha Desai

The unfollow on Twitter can be pretty destructive, in that if you unfollow somewhat who is private, you have to request permission to follow again (so it's very clear to that person that you unfollowed). I'm a fan of any action that can be difficult to redo easily (or may have unintended consequences) getting a two step confirmation.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Well, at least they prompt you before you unfollow.

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