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Discussion on: If you enable "lazy loading" in chrome://flags, your DEV browsing experience will be moderately more efficient πŸ˜„

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James Turner

We're probably serving a solid 3-4 TB of images/month these days...

Wow, I figured you would serve a lot but that is greater than I imagined! Would love an article going into the "issues at scale" that the site faces as it grows, things like how maybe a year ago bandwidth was X with Y users compared to now. Or even like how code you thought would be fine is needing to be improved because of the scale of traffic etc.

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Ben Halpern Author

Will do! We are lucky in this regard to have made some choices for scale early on because I was so hell-bent on performance. And perf and scaleability are highly correlated.

But scale absolutely makes changing things more of an orchestration. We can’t just flush the cache after a design change so easily. And it can be hard to account for how a new thing will work under load.

However, our scale is still pretty much chump change compared to some scale... so we’ll see about real scale in maybe a year.

But yeah, I can still write that post. πŸ˜„

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