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Discussion on: The newly announced future of .NET - unifying all the things

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James Turner Author

I am liking Azure DevOps, it does seem to be getting better every time I open it but yeah, still some room for improvement.

What I would really like is a better Azure Portal. I find it so slow to load for many actions (in both page load times but also when saving a change, it seems like a multi-minute wait for some change to save). It also feels way more complex than it needs to be and doesn't seem to have "obvious" .NET Core support even though it is there (it talks about .NET Framework versions and you need to install an extension in an App Service to have .NET Core support). I could probably go on-and-on about that and I barely use much of the functionality of Azure.

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Maybe I'm stupid and I'm missing something obvious, but our workflow in devOps is completely ruined because there's no proper notifications. I come from Jira world, where doing an action on a task automatically puts you in a watch list for that task. And all the mentions or changes are seen in facebook-type notifications.

In DevOps, the only notifications are emails. And all of them have identical subjects. In a mess of all the task, builds, releases, PR's, test cases emails, no one actually looks at them.

20 people on the project literally stopped using any in-devOps communication, because of terrible notifications.

And yeah, I agree regarding Azure Itself. But to me that stuff while not always consistent, you figure it out and next time you know how to do it. Also a lot of Azure stuff is managed through code/api's, so you don't live in it. While Azure DevOps completely ruins the experience of managing the tasks and communicating.

Rant over.

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James Turner Author

Ahhhh, I see! I guess the reason I don't have as many issues with DevOps is simply because I haven't even used that functionality!

I'm also from the Jira world and if what you say is true, I can totally understand that being frustrating.

My experience with DevOps is more around repositories and pipelines. It is a bit fiddly testing pipeline configurations easily without constantly pushing commits of my YML file changes but various other little UI things have gotten better. Recently added self-hosted build agents which worked so smoothly too.

With build and release notifications though, I don't think I ever got one - I might have disabled that when I was setting up my account as so many things have frivolous default notifications enabled. I might need to pay more attention to what I am disabling!

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