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Discussion on: What would your ideal developer interview process look like?

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James Turner Author

What types of problems do you think work best when whiteboarding during an interview? Are you thinking things like FizzBuzz, sorting algorithms or something else?

I am curious, as a fan of take-home tests, what part don't you like about it? One of the things I like about it is that you don't need to be there in person to do it saving time, potentially making it easier to do a normal interview doing the day. You also are arguably in your most comfortable environment to program without stress. There are definitely potential downsides though like when they handball a feature for their product for you to implement (so you're basically free labour), the length of the test is way too long or the fact that you can potentially get someone else to do it.

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I’d say it depends on the role. Nothing crazy complicated. Everyone is going to have access to Google on the job. I just like it because it gives me an opportunity to discuss a problem with the interviewer. Code tests in a text editor are totally valid too. If you just want to know if they know conditionals and loops then fizzBuzz is fine. If you think SQL is key to the job ask them to write a SELECT statement that requires a JOIN or something.

I don’t like take home tests because I want my time at home to be for me. And they almost always take longer than they tell you it will take because they can’t do it themselves without an advantage and most people wouldn’t say that it took them longer. If you have a time limit then it is even worse because I focus on how much time I have left like it’s a race.

At least in a one-on-one conversation you know the code test is going fine as long as you’re still talking to them and they are giving you good feedback. And you can ask clarifying questions which is almost as important as showing you know whatever they’re asking.

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