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Discussion on: What would your ideal developer interview process look like?

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James Turner Author

Interesting Kostas!

With the full day interview, at that stage, is that with the short list of say 3 candidates? I'm just thinking while it is very thorough, it also seems to be fairly time intensive. I mean, if you find the perfect person from doing that process it is great but otherwise, it might feel a little exhausting going to that level multiple times for a single position.

a pair programming session with another developer to talk about their challenge submission, this is where we spot the liars

That is a good way to handle the offline testing. I didn't perform that in the positions I hired for however with the probation time for employees, it wouldn't take long to spot the liar. I think in the future, I probably would do the same as what your company does.

a lunch with the whole product team, we go out in a food market and grab something and then going back to the office

I am a fan of that part as I see it helping work out how well people will gel together. It is as much for the company as it is for the candidate.

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Dan Newton

I think you both have valid points.

I think there is a lot to get out of spending a whole day with a candidate. But, as James said, the time commitment is such a big thing. Especially if the candidate is already employed.

I recently had a lot of interviews and I really struggled just balancing my normal workload with finding time to fit in an hour interview here and there. I guess I could have taken time off but maybe other's have used up there allotted holiday time and therefore could not attend a day-long interview.

Multiple interview rounds on the other hand kind of get around this situation but can also be annoying due to travelling to the companies office and the wait of wondering what is happening between each round.

Basically, I think what I have said. Is that everything is good and also bad.

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