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Discussion on: .NET Core Dependency Injection: Everything You Ought To Know

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James Turner

Great article! I've dealt with DI in .Net Framework via Autofac and while I like the new MS DI solution, I'm not 100% sold though that mostly comes down to what I'm use to rather than any inherent issue.

One of the first things I miss is from MS DI is being able to register all types (ie. AnyConcreteTypeNotAlreadyRegisteredSource in Autofac) and just manually specify types where I need config options or to a specific interface. There is probably a dozen reasons why I shouldn't do this which may be why it isn't easily available. That said, I did find a NuGet package today which provides simple assembly scanning for registering types.

The other thing was the naming of the DI functions: Transient, Scoped and Singleton (OK, well less this one). The amount of times I have needed to double check what one I am wanting is crazy though again, that is probably my own fault for not being very familiar with it yet.

Your tip for library authors is very useful too. In my library MongoFramework, I was planning to go down that path as my own research showed me that is how EF Core works. I ultimately didn't go down that road in the end but I might re-evaluate it in the future.

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James Hickey Author

Thanks for the kind word!

I agree that the DI system isn't as sophisticated as other solutions, but it's good to .NET Core allows devs to use another DI system easily if wanted. 👍

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