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Tony Nguyen
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[0/30] 30 days of Python learning

About me

Hello everyone, This is Tony from Vietnam, as an electrical engineer, I passion about technology special in renewable energy and automation. I want to improve myself by writing a technical blog and self-study coding so I decided to write the first blog on a public platform to reflect on myself. I have known that many kindness experts around the world are willing to help me correct my words.

What things do I want to learn and why?

  • English skills: of course, English is a powerful tool that helps us learn anything in the world. I decided to learn from write down anything I know in English, so I think that writing blogs will teach me how to think in English and practically write natural sentences through blogging. Fortunately, today I have Grammarly already fixed my paragraphs.

  • Python programming: nowadays, Python become an essential programming language because of its characteristics such as ease to learn, script type, cross-platform, a wide range of application fields, and more..,

Where do I learn Python?

  • I choose Linkedin Learning, an online platform for free or paid
  • Youtube:

Thanks for your time

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