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The AWS Hub ☁️ Your new AWS learning resources

Greetings πŸ‘‹

Hi there! Tung Leo here. Last week, I've published The DevOps Basics πŸš€ post to help everyone with the DevOps learning repository.

This week, we'll dive into the AWS cloud, and I'm excited to introduce you to a new comprehensive repository packed with AWS learning resources and documentation. This is AWSHub ⭐

Introduction ☁️

Whether you're a new member of the AWS community or a developer/cloud engineer seeking a centralized document hub for all things AWS, the AWSHub repository will assist you. Consider this repository as your bookmark for all essential AWS resources, including AWS Certification materials, documentation for AWS services, and AWS Architecture insights. πŸ”₯

In the following sections, I'll walk you through key content within the AWSHub repository.

Getting started πŸš€

AWS Services Learning Resources πŸ“˜

This section provides links to detailed documentation, introduction videos, and FAQs for popular AWS services

  • Total services covered: 42
  • AWS Docs: Official documentation for each service
  • AWS FAQs: Frequently asked questions about AWS services
  • Introduction (Youtube): AWS short-introduction videos (~2min) with rich animations, music, and diagrams

Full AWS services learning resources table:

ID Service Name AWS Docs Introduction AWS FAQs
1 AWS ACM πŸ“– acm ▢️ Watch ❔ acm/faqs
2 AWS Appflow πŸ“– appflow ▢️ Watch ❔ appflow/faqs
3 AWS Aurora πŸ“– aurora ▢️ Watch ❔ aurora/faqs
4 AWS CloudTrail πŸ“– cloudtrail ▢️ Watch ❔ cloudtrail/faqs
5 AWS CloudWatch πŸ“– cloudwatch ▢️ Watch ❔ cloudwatch/faqs
6 AWS Cloudfront πŸ“– cloudfront ▢️ Watch ❔ cloudfront/faqs
7 AWS CodeCommit πŸ“– codecommit ▢️ Watch ❔ codecommit/faqs
8 AWS Cognito πŸ“– cognito ▢️ Watch ❔ cognito/faqs
9 AWS Config πŸ“– config ▢️ Watch ❔ config/faqs
10 AWS ControlTower πŸ“– controltower ▢️ Watch ❔ controltower/faqs
11 AWS DataSync πŸ“– datasync ▢️ Watch ❔ datasync/faqs
12 AWS DocumentDB πŸ“– documentdb ▢️ Watch ❔ documentdb/faqs
13 AWS DynamoDB πŸ“– dynamodb ▢️ Watch ❔ dynamodb/faqs
14 AWS EBS πŸ“– ebs ▢️ Watch ❔ ebs/faqs
15 AWS EC2 πŸ“– ec2 ▢️ Watch ❔ ec2/faqs
16 AWS ECS πŸ“– ecs ▢️ Watch ❔ ecs/faqs
17 AWS EFS πŸ“– efs ▢️ Watch ❔ efs/faqs
18 AWS EKS πŸ“– eks ▢️ Watch ❔ eks/faqs
19 AWS EMR πŸ“– emr ▢️ Watch ❔ emr/faqs
20 AWS ElastiCache πŸ“– elasticache ▢️ Watch ❔ elasticache/faqs
21 AWS Elastic Beanstalk πŸ“– elasticbeanstalk ▢️ Watch ❔ elasticbeanstalk/faqs
22 AWS EventBridge πŸ“– eventbridge ▢️ Watch ❔ eventbridge/faqs
23 AWS Glue πŸ“– glue ▢️ Watch ❔ glue/faqs
24 AWS GuardDuty πŸ“– guardduty ▢️ Watch ❔ guardduty/faqs
25 AWS IAM πŸ“– iam ▢️ Watch ❔ iam/faqs
26 AWS KMS πŸ“– kms ▢️ Watch ❔ kms/faqs
27 AWS Kinesis πŸ“– kinesis ▢️ Watch ❔ kinesis/faqs
28 AWS Lake Formation πŸ“– lake-formation ▢️ Watch ❔ lake-formation/faqs
29 AWS Lambda πŸ“– lambda ▢️ Watch ❔ lambda/faqs
30 AWS Machine Learning πŸ“– machine-learning ▢️ Watch ❔ machine-learning/faqs
31 AWS OpenSearch πŸ“– opensearch-service ▢️ Watch ❔ opensearch-service/faqs
32 AWS Outposts πŸ“– outposts ▢️ Watch ❔ outposts/faqs
33 AWS Pinpoint πŸ“– pinpoint ▢️ Watch ❔ pinpoint/faqs
34 AWS QuickSight πŸ“– quicksight ▢️ Watch ❔ quicksight/faqs
35 AWS RDS πŸ“– rds ▢️ Watch ❔ rds/faqs
36 AWS Route53 πŸ“– route53 ▢️ Watch ❔ route53/faqs
37 AWS S3 πŸ“– s3 ▢️ Watch ❔ s3/faqs
38 AWS SNS πŸ“– sns ▢️ Watch ❔ sns/faqs
39 AWS SQS πŸ“– sqs ▢️ Watch ❔ sqs/faqs
40 AWS Secrets Manager πŸ“– secrets-manager ▢️ Watch ❔ secrets-manager/faqs
41 AWS VPC πŸ“– vpc ▢️ Watch ❔ vpc/faqs
42 AWS WAF πŸ“– waf ▢️ Watch ❔ waf/faqs

And more upcoming services content...⏩ you can star/follow this repository to get more up-to-dated content ⭐

AWS Certification Resources πŸ’―

Preparing for the AWS Certification Exam? Here are my top personal recommendations for learning resources:

Free Exam Preparation

  • Certification exam preparation by AWS: here
  • Check the Exam Guide to understand the purpose and scope and examples of each certification, for example:
    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C03) Exam Guide: here
    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C03) Sample Exam Questions: here



Practice Tests

Guides/Cheat Sheets

AWS Services Learning Resources

The link below acts like a bookmark, helping you recap the service via a short introduction video and providing documents, as well as frequently asked questions you could refer to during exam preparation/practice

AWS Certifications Sub-Reddit

  • r/AWSCertifications brings in your discussions, questions , opinions, news and comments around AWS certifications areas like prep tips, clarifications, lessons learned.

Specific AWS Certification resources

ID Certification Name Learning path
1 AWS SAA-C03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam πŸ“–
2 AWS CLF-C02 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam ...coming soon
3 AWS DOP-C02 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional exam ...coming soon

➑️ Explore this set of specific AWS Certification resources for more details.

AWS Architecture βœ’οΈ

Discover the architecture of Amazon Web Services, where services seamlessly combine with best practices:

  • This is My Architecture: An official Youtube video series by AWS that showcases innovative architectural solutions on the AWS Cloud by customers and partners. Each episode examines the most interesting and technically creative elements of each cloud architecture. Watch the series πŸ“Ί here


  • AWS Well-Architected Framework: Learn about AWS best practices for building secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications. Access the framework πŸ“– here

  • AWS Reference Architectures: Discover pre-designed architecture patterns and best practices for various use cases such as web hosting, big data processing, and more. Explore the reference architectures πŸ“– here

  • AWS Whitepapers: Dive deeper into AWS services and solutions with technical whitepapers covering architecture, security, performance optimization, and more. Find the whitepapers πŸ“– here

The official YouTube channel AWS πŸ“Ί


What's Next? ❔

  • I'll continue maintaining this repository and updating the resources.
  • Stay tuned for more valuable content as I continuously add the latest resources and updates.
  • Check out AWSHub for the full content

I hope you find AWSHub helpful for your AWS cloud journey. Feel free to explore, ask questions, and contribute. Let's keep learning together!
If you find this repository helpful, kindly conside showing your appreciation by giving it a star ⭐️. Any star you can give me will help me grow it even more ❀️

Thank you and happy coding! πŸ”₯

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Alex Diaz • Edited

Wow, that’s the great AWS learning resources place. Thanks for sharing it!

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Tung Leo

Thanks @sudodev101, hope it helps in your AWS cloud journey

cheikhnouha profile image

So so siked

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Grace M Overman

thank you so much, i passed my AWS certification today with your Learning resources and certifiedumps study material.

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Tung Leo

Congratulations for your new AWS certification @ameliaava_123.
I'm happy to know that my resources help you in the AWS study material.
Best wishes and good luck in your next certification!

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You did a great job collecting these resources.

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Tung Leo

Thank you, sir! It's my pleasure.

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