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What I'm looking to this year


Quite late to be a "new year" post but hey why not!

Hey everyone, this year looks weird to me because unlike past years, I was not looking after a specific tech, I remember looking after Angular looking after cordova, typescript and few stuff that over the years (seemingly yesterday) was the "bleeding edge" and today is the either or defacto or the makes sense choice for many developers today.

So, I tweeted recently things I'd like to write this year about (and get source code with those post also)


I'm a sailsjs heavy user, you may even see me at their gitter channel sometimes providing a tip or two, It's a framework you can't just ignore when you touch node, built with real time philosophy in mind, and one thing what is really important these days: shipping if you want a full blown ResfulAPI in few minutes (I'd say forty minutes at most if you want to add JWT authentication and custom logic controllers/actions), of course that varies in you project.


I feel like this is a front-end framework that sometimes doesn't get the attention it needs it has a really powerful way to create SPA's and I think SSR will be a focus this year from the team, If you've used Angular, Aurelia will feel lighter in the sense that the workflow is very similar, but instead just go full decoration boilerplate, Aurelia bases on the "convention over configuration" moto (which is configurable also if you need). Aurelia is the kind of framework you would like to use if you want to create web standards based app, since Aurelia bases it's design on them, also don't forget that their CLI has option for a webpack based setup, so if you have tried it in the past, and didn't like require and jspm options for the cli, webpack is here to stay. I hope this year Aurelia goes further.


Well Vue isn't going anywhere but higher this year; ´vuetify´ and ´nuxt´ are already close to release their 1.0.0 versions, being at this moment both either on beta or alpha, and vue's popularity isn't debatable, I actually have some source code for this part that I will try to post about later.


This is an interesting topic to talk about this year because, I've been hearing tales of doom of web sockets because of Http2 and stuff like that, but yet I think there are some problems at the server stack for most people that won't allow them to use http2 for some years still, so WebSockets are still a good alternative for them, even if they are wrong or right to use, I think they are still worth a shot.


Well this is a piece of tech that as others (cordova, phonegap) is seen or has been seen as something that is bad, because it's not full native, and has memory/performance problems and stuff but as the phongap project's main objective is to cease to exist when the web brings us most of the native world, I think electron will serve a similar purpose, why? well... because it's mere existance means that desktop development isn't easy enough and does not allow (with the same easiness) stuff that the web has been doing for years in it's GUI section, yeah, native desktop can outperform/do-anything better than Electron counterpart any day, but at the cost of how much resources spent there? how much did the company had to search/invest to have the team to give that so beloved performance? I don't know for sure but companies adopt Electron for a reason, and since it's just web technologies, all of the above topics apply to this as well, so I think, once again it's worth a shot.

All of this stuff is what I will try to write about this year let's see if I can keep that promise to my self hahaha.

Happy (late) New Year guys!

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