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I kind of see it in other way.

In my opinion, Microsoft will play the nice guy with developers with good marketing about the open source movement it's doing. Steady and slowly if google/chrome devs start puting some blockers to the Microsoft's open source nice guy, this is where Microsoft will play the victim saying that google/chrome devs are trying to block the Microsoft's effort for an open and embracing web.

--- from here on is just speculation for the funz of course ---

Since it's been long rumored (not official/confirmed of course) that google products like youtube purposedly broke other browsers like firefox and edge,
now that you can't break the competition since it's using the same tools as you do, what's the way to fight them?

I think this chromium based edge, will actually give Microsoft more power on the web


I really can't comment of what MS might or might not do in the future.

The gist of my "preoccupation" is related to the shrinking of the browser's engine landscape. MS is definitely going to make Chromium better, see for example:

I'm happy for that. I still think it would have been great if they had chose Servo/Firefox helping to establish at least two great different browser engines that could evolve indipendently and help foster a more "varied" web.

Developers have already started building Chrome only websites, this is not going to be solved by having the two major desktop browsers share the same engine:

Anyhow, the only thing I can do is keep Firefox as my default browser, which I'm liking very much to be honest :)

I'm sure there were tons of discussions and technical decisions that brought to that decision. I'm just talking about my personal wishes :-)


Oh yes I get your point though, I really hated this transition I really used edge as my daily driver (I still do on my machine) I just don't think it was merely a technical decision to choose chromium over servo

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