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Tulio Calil
Tulio Calil

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React Native ⚛️ Animation Libraries easy to use!

I love animations and spend much time doing some of them, some times I just want some quick and beautiful, so I use these libraries, if you love animation too and have no much time to spend, I will show some libs very easy to use and that will speed up this process for you.

Hey, i updated this article o my own blog, check it here!!

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Shared elements animation

This animations effect is so smooth and satisfactory to see, normally is hard to create too, but with React native magic move is very simple to implement it.

Animation frame by frame with dragging and more!

If you already felt the necessity of animations frame by frame or more detailed, this lib is for you, React native animated sprite creates animations based on frames and makes it possible to drag and create tweens.

3D models on your React native app!

With React Native GL Model View you can easily import Wavefront(.OBJ) files and display, scale, rotate, translate or animate 3D textured models.

Declarative transitions and animations

React Native Animatable creates simple animations and transitions with declarative components, just import the element and choose from a lot of animations pre-build or create a custom animation!

Animations from Adobe After Effects

This is the most awesome library for me, Lottie parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON with bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile!

Conclusion and some mentions

I hope this list helps you, I know that this kind of content is not the most technical post that I can create, but I think that lists like that help to discover news libs or sometimes point a solution for you.
I want to mention here two libraries that I don't put on primary content, but are useful: React Native Reanimated and React native animated math.

If you know another's animation libraries, comment here!
All the best!

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Emerson Stark

Awesome post! thanks @tuliocalil

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Victor Feitosa

That's nice! I'll try Lottie for sure

kamalhossain profile image
Kamal Hossain

Nice informations! But most of the libraries are updated lately, according to github commit.
Have you tried them all? Does work perfectly?