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Free alternatives to Heroku

Recently Heroku announced the end of the free plans and this must have taken quite a lot of people by surprise and made you think "What alternative to Heroku?".


Vercel alternative to heroku
With deploy process as simple as Heroku is one of the best alternatives, supporting not only NextJS, but static sites and other frameworks and languages like Laravel - PHP, it is also possible to use Serveless functions for free.


Railway alternative to heroku
Railway is a super complete platform that allows you to use the same cloud infrastructure during your on-premises development, as well as having a super simple deploy and a very effective free plan.


Render alternative to heroku
One of the alternatives that most equal Heroku services. At Render we have the whole PROCESS of CI / CD, hosting of static and dynamic applications and we still have the databases Postgres and Redis completely free of charge! alternative to Heroko
A very cool alternative (and greatly supports elixir) and with database support as well. has an amazing CLI and has servers in Brazil!


Gigalixir alternative to heroku
And for Elixir application, we have Gigalixir, a platform with incredible compatibility for Elixir and Phoenix! No connection limits, SSH access, sockets, no daily restart, and much more advantages in the free plan!

And do you know any other free alternatives to Heroku? What did you think of those I mentioned here ever used any?

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Jean Gérard Bousiquot • Edited is the number one here. Especially for dynamic server rendered apps and APIs. It offers the best free tier in this list. I'm literally running respectable small to medium apps there, all for free.

Of course if you are building Next.js apps or other Jamstack flavors, Vercel might be the better choice. I use it for those as well.