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Building the same app on React Native, Swift and Java!

While I was studying Swift I couldn't stop thinking about the similar things that this language has with java(for android dev) and how some things are easier to do in React Native than on the native devices languages, of course, we have awesome things on native languages too. So I decided to create the same app three times: With Swift on Xcode to Ios, with Java on Android Studio to Android, and Javascript with React Native to Android and Ios.


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How it will be

This is not a professional comparison with technical benchmarks or some like that, it's just a review or a dev blog, taking about this awesome experience.
I will consider somethings at the end, they are:

  • How much time I spent on the project.
  • How many external libraries I used.
  • How easy it was.
  • The project size (files)


It clearly will be a series, so, this is the intro post, I suggest you follow me to receive the notifications about the new parts. I will try to do one part for a week (i hope), letting the React Native for the last one part.
I will need to create an API to server the apps, I can use json server or build a simple API with nodejs and express, I will think about it during the development.

About the app

It needs to be a very simple app, so I decided to create a simple screen with some posts, like a social network, with a User name, post date, post content, and likes count.
I want to test somethings on this project, they are:

  • Ui building time and precision
  • Data management
  • HTTP requests
  • Gesture events (click)

This is the prototype and how all apps have to be:
App preview
Clean and very basic.

Final thoughts

So, this is it, I hope you like this series cause I am very excited 🤩!
I will prefer Java to Kotlin here cause I already have some experience with Java and Android Studio.
Why not typescript ? I don't think typescript will help me on this very small project.
So, send me good vibes to help me finish this project! 😀

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