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Ephemeral Chats

Overview of My Submission

Welcome to Ephemeral Chats, a TypeScript NodeJS app made with NestJS, Apollo GraphQL, RedisOM and MikroORM.

So what is Ephemeral Chats? Its a web API where you can build temporary chat rooms, from 5 minutes to 24 hours, to chat with your friends.

Just create an account, create a chat room, and send the chat room invitation link to your friends. Don't worry, all your messages will be server-side encrypted and temporary as they're just a RedisJSON model with an expiration date.

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards


YouTube Link

Language Used


Frameworks Used

NestJS, ExpressJS & Apollo GraphQL;

Link to Code

The main API Repository can be found here.

An example Front-End to consume the API can be found here.

Additional Resources / Info

For development I have used a personal template.

As for external libraries that really helped me we development I have to say Altair Client was the most important, specially for testing the subscriptions.

On that note the subscriptions are handled with graphql-ws library so its not possible to test this app with Apollo tools such as Apollo Studio.

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