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React vs Vue

tufail profile image Tufail Shah ・1 min read

Which is the the ONE?

I for one should know the answer but i don't.

I have used both Stack's and have worked on both as separate UI's.
Let's see what people think about these two lightweight giants.


Let's see some facts about the two

Difficult to seperate Vue and React.

Virtual DOM
Component Based Architecture
Build Tools (Vue Cli and CRA react)
React Hooks and Vue Composition API
Dev Tools
Companion Frameworks (vue-router, vuex, react-router, react-redux)

I can't think of any ground breaking difference between the two. Although there are some difference but they don't seem to be anything like what AngularJS and Angular2 had.

JSX vs Templates
(Although we can incorporate JSX in Vue)

State Management vs Object Properties

React-native vs Vue native ( Not much idea)

And now if we look at GitHub stars and recent survey both seem to be performing great.

So which is better in your idea?

Which one you choose and why?

Are you planning to jump the ship from one to another?

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Twitter: @tufailmsg

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