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Releasing ssg-factory npm package

Wow, can't believe 11 weeks have passed by since I started writing the project. By now, its basic functionalities are completed, it's time to publish it to npm.

Fixing the code base first

I started by adding some e2e tests for my program. I fixed the some of the console.log in the files as operations were mostly asynchronous, it was hard to print the files converted in order.

I updated the name of the program and fixed wherever it printed the name in package.json, index.js and the e2e tests. It is now called ssg-factory

I then audited package.json to ensure correct dependencies, name, version and README, CONTRIBUTING docs

It's time to publish

I used the guide provided by npm to publish my package.

After committing final changes, I added a tag v1.0.6 and pushed it along with the commit git push --follow-tags. Then, I released it using GitHub.

I also used npm-cli-login to add my credentials to npm first.

Lastly, I simply entered npm publish to publish it the npm registry

Npm publish success msg

Voilà, it's finally up!

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